"60 Minutes'" Steve Kroft set his sights on homeboy Bradley Cooper on last night's episode. In extra scenes from the interview, Cooper, Kroft and Cooper's cousin Colin Campano stroll through the Italian Market, making a stop at Claudio's (924 S. 9th St.). Cooper and crew stopped by about three weeks ago, according to owner Sal Auriemma, who called Cooper a nice guy (alas, Auriemma forgot to watch the segment).

In the extra scenes below, Germantown Academy grad Cooper says that Claudio's smells like home. Cooper, Campano and Cooper's mom Gloria also sit down for a chat at Villa di Roma (936 S. 9th St.).

What's interesting is that producer Ann Silvio mentions that she always thought of Cooper as uptight before she saw his Philly side of him. It does seem to muss up his pretty boy image a bit, doesn't it?

You can watch the full episode here.