The Round Mound of Rebound is shedding pounds with the help of Weight Watchers. Now Charles Barkley has signed on to be the new ambassador of the Weight Watchers for Men campaign with print, TV and online ads beginning on Christmas.
Barkley, who says he's now 305 pounds, and let's not forget he is 6-foot-6, told us he’s lost 30 pounds in about 10 weeks on the Weight Watchers for Men online program. “One of the coolest things about it is that you get to do it online,” Barkley said. “Men get embarrassed. They don’t want to go to a meeting,” he said.
The Sixers legend, who said he was about 250 pounds in his playing days and 350 pounds at his heaviest, is now an analyst for NBA on TNT and his spots will be seen on Turner Sports broadcasts, ESPN and other male-oriented stations.
“It changes your eating habits,” Barkley explained of his Weight Watchers experience. “I don’t like the term portion control because you can pretty much eat all the fruits and vegetables you want. Are you gonna eat ice cream and cake all the time? No. It encourages better eating habits,” he  said earlier by phone from Arizona where he has been playing lots of golf.
Asked his thoughts on the end of the NBA lockout, Barkley said “I’m glad for the real people who work for the teams and at the arenas. I didn’t feel bad for the owners of players.” As for the Sixers, Sir Charles says “They can and should make the playoffs,”