Comedian Artie Lange has yet to discuss publicly his January 2010 suicide attempt but hopes to do so on the Howard Stern Show in November, when his book Crash and Burn is released.
Lange, who spent nine years on the Stern show, performs stand-up Saturday at the Tower Theatre with Nick DiPaolo, his partner on the syndicated “Nick and Artie” sports-talk show which airs 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. weeknights on 610 WIP. Tickets are still available.
“I think I’m at the place where I can do it. It would be a heavy thing,” says Lange about a hoped-for Stern visit. Fans have been waiting for Lange to appear on Stern’s show, and Artie says he and Stern wanted to make sure he was emotionally ready.
Sober since April 14, 2011, Lange says, “Toward the end it became so terrible trying to be f----- up 24/7.” His addiction led him to rehab after he tried to do himself in with a knife. His mother reportedly found him.
Lange, who co-starred with Norm MacDonald in the hilarious and underrated “Dirty Work,” says he was touched by the words of encouragement from fans who said hello at the Wells Fargo Center, where he recently caught Bruce Springsteen.
But Lange’s finest Philly memory remains being cursed at and threatened by Eagles fans at a Springsteen show at Veterans Stadium, where Lange had dared to wear a Lawrence Taylor jersey.