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Damon Feldman held for trial, facing new felony charges.

A Delaware County judge yesterday ordered Damon Feldman, promoter for the Celebrity Boxing Federation, held for trial on six charges of promoting fights without a license and rigging bouts.

The state Attorney General's Office yesterday added five new felony charges, including bribery, theft and fraud. The office alleges that Feldman tried to pay off a State Athletic Commission official, that he didn't deliver on a promise to a former co-promoter of 40 percent of profits from a Danny Bonaduce fight and that he marketed a fight as benefiting the families of slain police officers without their knowledge.

Although Feldman admitted in a television interview that he didn't have a promoter's license, he has maintained that his bouts were for entertainment purposes only and has said he didn't steal from anybody or improperly use any officer's name.

Feldman's attorney, Chuck Peruto Jr., yesterday referred to the fraud accusation as "the nasty charge," and said Feldman would be vindicated on it. Peruto said that Feldman had tried to give the Fraternal Order of Police a check, but that the FOP wouldn't accept it, but that later one of Feldman's fighters, Daniel Morroni, did give a check to an FOP representative. "All Damon promised was a check would be presented. He didn't say proceeds would benefit the fund - there's a big difference," Peruto said.

Earlier this month, Feldman, 40, spent several days under psychiatric evaluation after Broom-all police responded to calls that he had threatened suicide. He remains free on bail while awaiting trial.