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Did Bobcat draw on Jay Mohr's picture?

Someone drew devil horns, a mustache and fangs on a poster of comedian Jay Mohr that was hanging at Helium Comedy Club (2031 Sansom) last week, and local comedians suggest Bobcat Goldthwait was the culprit.

Mohr, formerly of "Saturday Night Live" and CBS' "Gary Unmarried," played the club May 17. Goldthwait was there several days later. Why would Goldthwait, of "Police Academy" fame, be a suspect? Because his former fiancee, actress Nikki Cox, later married Mohr.

A Helium spokeswoman said the club noticed the drawing several days after Goldthwait left but didn't believe he did it.

"I am shocked and offended that anyone would imply I would deface Mr. Mohr's likeness. I have nothing but respect for originality and talent, and wish him and his beautiful wife nothing but the happiness they deserve," Goldthwait told us.

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