spent nine minutes of his 610 WIP show Wednesday berating a regular caller named

because he made an in-studio appearance with SportsRadio 950 AM  Monday with morning hosts


. In this

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, Eskin, sounding like a jealous boyfriend, shouts at Arthur, who sounds like

from "Little Rascals," that he is not permitted from calling another local radio station the same day. During the exchange, Eskin grows increasingly angry as Arthur wont commit to not calling any other stations as Arthur pretends to not understand. "You are not allowed to call any other radio stations in the Philadelphia area. Do we agree?...You're a nitwit and a moron. Do you friggin' agree? If I find out that you did not abide by the agreement, you are done forever."

So, Arthur called into the SportsRadio 950 AM morning show

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his conversation with Eskin, who is referred to on SportsTalk as Burger King, due to his obvious resemblance to the restaurant's mascot.

We reached Eskin to ask if Arthur will now be banned and why he spent nine minutes yelling at him. "I was just playing with him. I know it will kill him if he can't call my show," Eskin tells us. "Call it a form of parenting that takes him down the right path. He knows no one will hear him calling other stations in town and that would destroy him," Eskin says.