Josh Innes and Tony Bruno will take over SportsRadio WIP's afternoon show, as rumored by Crossing Broad. They are replacing Rob Ellis and Anthony Gargano. The latter left the station late last year after not being able to come to terms on a new contract with the station. The news was announced on Friday at the 23rd Annual Wing Bowl, although Innes and Bruno had taken test runs during the afternoon slot since Gargano departed.

Innes is relatively new to WIP, coming to the station in late 2013 after a sting at KILT in Houston. His style has garnered fans and detractors since his tenure began, both of which Innes happily courts. Bruno, on the other hand, is a longtime Philly radio veteran. He'll return to WIP, where he worked alongside Angelo Cataldi and the morning crew. Last summer, Bruno resigned from his gig at the Fanatic, after he failed to come to a new contract with the station. Most recently, Bruno had taken to podcasting.

Innes and Bruno will take on main rival the Fanatic's Mike Missanelli.