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Kenneth Keith's mother blasts DelCo, prison officials on his website

has lashed out at Delaware County court system as well as the GEO Group, which runs the George W. Hill Correctional Facility, where the comedian/actor had been incarcerated for weeks leading up to his

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, Fay says her son,

, who lived in Boothwyn, a

show "Wack Packer" was a gentle soul who was railroaded by a teenage girl who claimed he tried to lure her into a car, and later admitted at a hearing that he never came near her. Fay writes that the teen accuser who "has had many run ins with the law and a child of her own before the age of 16" will "meet her own judge one day." Early on, Fay

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. Fay writes that Delaware County officials, including police officers, detectives  "showed me their nastiness again Ken" and says none cared that Ken had cystic fibrosis, for which Kay says he was denied his medication. She says when she visited Ken he was wearing a green shirt, while other inmates wore other colors.

"His green shirt was to tell everyone that he was accused of a sex crime. In Delaware County, you're guilty until proven innocent," Fay writes. "In the month that Ken was in jail, his 120 pound frame wasted away to less than 100 pounds from malnutrition. He was denied his medications and help in his weakened condition and was not even sent to a hospital until it was too late. I wasn't even permitted to talk to him while he was in the medical section of the jail. No one would give me any information about him, citing the HIPAA privacy law, which in my opinion gives institutions the right to cover up what is going on behind the scenes. No one would even tell me how my son was doing. Help wasn't there for Ken as he struggled to breathe and get his medication. He was dumped at Riddle Hospital, unconscious, with a breathing tube stuffed down his throat, and I wasn't notified until the day after that, which was less than a day before he died." Fay says

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will be left up as a tribute to her son, who in the year before his death appeared in television commercials for Stride Gum and ESPN's "Monday Night Football."