There's plenty to catch the eye at Double Visions (1138 Easton) in Horsham, but on Wednesdays starting April 16, many of the dancers will be eye-balling MTV's "The Real World: Hollywood."

Warminster's Brianna Taylor, 20, who has danced at the topless tavern for two years, is among cast mates on the pioneering reality-TV show, and says her friends at the club are all excited to watch her. Viewers may also recognize Taylor from the 2005 season of "American Idol," where she made the top 40. The singer was sentenced last month to 90 days' probation after pleading guilty to harassment, a reduced charge from a simple assault arrest she had for hitting her then-boyfriend. Her case is discussed on the first episode of "The Real World: Hollywood," in which one of Taylor's cast mates reacts rudely to learning she is an exotic dancer.

"I didn't give a damn what my roommates thought," Taylor told us the other day by phone. She hopes viewers will realize she's "not a slut or a whore. I have my reasons for dancing and continuing to dance," Taylor said.

"I'm there in and out to get my money. I don't want to be in it forever, but I don't knock it at all."

Taylor says she did "The Real World: Hollywood," for which she attended an open casting call at O'Neal's (611 S. 3rd) last year, simply for the "great opportunity to help me take that step forward" with her singing, and is grateful to the show for selecting her.

The singer, working on an album for Chamberlain Records, has eclectic musical tastes. Her ideal three-song stripper-set would consist of songs by Paramore, Rage Against the Machine and Michael Buble.

Photo: Yong Kim/Daily News