Mayfair's Katie Sahasaylo felt like Julia Roberts in "Pretty Woman" when "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane took her shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills for a Roberto Cavalli gown to wear as his date to the Emmys.

Sahasaylo, an actress who broadcasts YouTube videos as "KatiesOpinion," ranting about guys or whatever's on her mind, says a college buddy of MacFarlane's was a fan of her YouTube videos and showed them to MacFarlane, who just debuted "The Cleveland Show." Sahasaylo, or Katie Sah, as the 2002 graduate of Jenkintown's St. Basil Academy, prefers to be called, says MacFarlane called her and offered her some voiceover work on some "Family Guy" episodes.

While in Los Angeles, MacFarlane invited her to be his date to the Emmys where Katie Sah was interviewed with MacFarlane on the red carpet and was seen during the broadcast with MacFarlane after Upper Darby's Tina Fey made a joke about his drinking. Katie, 25, who works as a cocktail server at Philadelphia Park Casino, is hesitant to say she's dating MacFarlane, 35. "We're enjoying being friends right now," she told us yesterday. Katie says she'll be in Los Angeles next week working on a reality show pilot, and that she does hope to see MacFarlane when she's out there.