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Mo'ne forgives Twitter attack from college baseball player

Little League sensation Mo'ne Davis took the high road today by forgiving a young man who slandered her on the Internet.

Joey Casselberry, a/k/a @Big Cass24 is no longer active on Twitter, but posted last week: "Disney is making a movie about Mo'ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That slut got rocked by Nevada."

Casselberry, a junior and first baseman for the Bloomsburg University Huskies, was bounced from the team over the weekend after college President David L. Soltz said he was "deeply saddened" by the offensive tweet. (Bloomsburg University is in Columbia County, about 80 miles north of Harrisburg.)

Casselberry's Twitter account was deactivated Saturday night, but not before he apologized, writing, "Forgive me and truly understand that I am in no way shape or form a sexist and I am a huge fan of Mo'ne. She was quite an inspiration."

In a letter written to Soltz, Davis asked the head of the university to reconsider ejecting Casselberry from the team. She appeared on ESPN's SportsCenter this morning saying,

"Everyone makes mistakes. Everyone deserves a second chance. I know he didn't mean it in that type of way. I know people get tired of seeing me on TV. But sometimes you got to think about what you're doing before you do it."