A local musician says he's the one who set up Kari Ferrell, the so-called "Hipster Grifter", who was arrested Sunday night in Philadelphia. She remains jailed here until at least May 15 when she faces an extradition hearing in which a judge will rule whether she can be sent back to Salt Lake City where she is a fugitive wanted for allegedly passing bad checks.

Ferrell told Animal New York early Monday morning that she had turned herself in in Philly because she didn't feel like doing so in New York. Since then Sam Tremble of the local band Hermit Thrushes wrote a story for City Paper detailing how he was involved in arranging her arrest with the Philadelphia and Salt Lake City police departments.

On Monday evening we posted the new mug shot of Ferrell taken by Philadelphia Police who confirmed her arrest. A police spokesman said Ferrell was taken into custody on 11th Street near Market and we erroneously reported that police were also confirming the initial suggestion that Ferrell had turned herself in.

To be sure, we spoke to police this morning.

"Police responded to a call to meet a complainant. Upon their arrival they were informed that defendant is in wanted status from Salt Lake City Police," a police spokeswoman said this morning, reading from Ferrell's arrest report. This indicates that someone pointed out Ferrell to police and supports the story Tremble penned for the City Paper.