The first and fifth episodes of A&E's "Parking Wars," the well-done reality show about Philadelphia Parking Authority workers and the citizens they frustrate, featured a friendly and funny fellow named

Martin Anderson,

who drove a tow truck for the PPA.

Sadly, Anderson died late last year, and while this was not mentioned in the credits at the end of the episodes in which he appeared, a tribute to Anderson can be found on A&E's website.

"We are very sad to announce that Martin passed away peacefully this past year," says the statement. "We are honored to have personally worked with such a professional and joyful young man. He was full of life and warmth, and brought laughter to everyone around him. We offer our deepest condolences to Martin's family, friends and colleagues. We hope that those who watch Martin on the show will enjoy seeing him at his best and brightest." A&E spokeswoman Gina Nocero told us yesterday that after speaking with Martin's family the network "felt the appropriate place to put a tribute was up on the site, where we could write something that would be lengthier and that would live longer as an ongoing tribute to him." The series, shot between spring and summer last year, has aired 10 episodes so far, and 10 episodes are left this season.