Pat Ciarrocchi is leaving CBS3 after a stellar 33 years on the air.

She's had an amazing career anchoring in her hometown of Philadelphia for more than three decades. She's been a familiar face on the anchor desk alongside co-host Ukee Washington on the noon newscast.

She wrote the following today on Facebook:

On September 27th, just before 8PM, Pope Francis and Shepherd One were wheels up bound for the next chapter in his Papacy.

As I watched in that moment, I felt my wheels lift up too... bound for the next chapter in a career that has had me anchored here for more than 33 years.

During Francis' 36 hours in Philadelphia, we achieved greatness. Together, we told the story of hope, forgiveness, and could hear a personal challenge to allow our best selves to come forth.

We laughed, we cried, and for me, it became a near miraculous culmination of a television career that was never built on the crime that is often our stock in trade... but a desire to find the redeeming, the inspirational, the humanity in what surrounds us.

I know you all have lots of questions. There isn't a back story, just a decision.

I so want to do more with my life. And I need freedom to do that.

The Francis visit has empowered me with the strength to forge a path that is certain to use my voice. I believe it includes new business and community opportunities.

I have been shaped by my faith, my family, and my passion for telling a good story. Thank you for the privilege of doing that work here.

I will anchor the Noon until Thursday, October 15th. I will be around the 16th to wrap up details and then, David and I are headed to Italy for two weeks.

Remember… in all you do... no matter how mundane, trying to make slot while rebooting a computer, stretching three facts into ten minutes of live coverage or dealing with a cranky colleague - look up. It is there that you will find the Light to lead you.