will forever see

Hillary Clinton

on his thigh. Salgado, 28, owner of the Ill Skillz (4948 N. 5th) tattoo parlor

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at a tattoo convention in Baltimore.

Artist Buffalo Bill, of Sunbury, offered a free Hillary tattoo to any takers because his daughter Sarah Taby is a big Clinton supporter and thought the tattoo would give Clinton good exposure.

Salgado, 28, who is also a Clinton fan, jumped at the chance. Salgado's new ink is featured in Tattoo Review. The mag's publisher Carey Exton says he thinks many tattooed people are for Clinton because she "tells it like it is."

"Hell, yeah," Salgado says, when we asked if he voted for Clinton recently. He likes "her experience, her motivation and the fact that she doesn't bite her tongue." We asked a Clinton spokesman for comment on whether the New York senator would respond in kind and get a tattoo of Salgado, but there has not yet been a reply.