’s Nicole Michalik was kicked off “The Biggest Loser,” last night. The Q102 host, on-air as Nicole, told us earlier today she’s down 100 pounds from her initial weight of 279 pounds when the NBC show began taping in April.

Michalik, 27, was down 91 pounds when she was kicked off the show in August and lost the rest since.

She missed out on the prize money of $250,000, but she doesn't care. She "just wanted to prove that I could do it.” Michalik is still regularly training with Gavin McKay of Fusion (105 S. 12th) to tone up for the show’s live finale Dec. 18. She leaves for Los Angeles Dec. 14. The Drexel grad’s already noticed a spike in attention from dudes, which she’s into, but not focused on right now as she heads toward the final weigh-in.
Then, she says, “I’ll show Philly what this sexy bitch is up to.”

Click here for a video clip of Nicole's transformation click here.