"It's unfortunate that my ex-wife has chosen to discuss such a private matter in a public forum, especially when the actions that have been attributed to me are both unfounded and untrue," writes Indianapolis Colts defensive tackle Raheem Brock in a letter to the Daily News.

The former Dobbins High School and Temple football star is responding to our July 9 story that Brock was more than $7,500 behind on child support according to financial documents provided by his ex-wife Deziree Williams.

"All outstanding legal issues concerning Ms. Williams and me will be addressed privately through counsel. Therefore, I won't disrespect my ex-wife with any additional statements other than to say that I love all of my children and that I will, as I always have, continue to support all of them financially, emotionally and spiritually," writes Brock, who has three more children with two other women.

Brock and Williams wed in June 2002 and divorced in October 2005. Their daughter was born in July 2003 after the couple had separated. A child-support payment plan signed in a Philadelphia court in April 2007 holds that Brock, who made $3,120,480 with the Colts last year, is to pay $3,500 per month for child support.