93.3 WMMR called Epic Records yesterday to tell them that “their artist was being portrayed in an unflattering light," confirmed ‘MMR Program Director Bill Weston when we asked about the station’s response to an interview with an Ozzy Osbourne impersonator on 94 WYSP’s Kidd Chris show in which Fake Ozzy trashes WMMR. We’re told Real Ozzy’s people later complained to ‘YSP about the prank after the record company was contacted by WMMR. Fake Ozzy’s British accent disappeared occasionally and his least offensive barb against WMMR said if he had to do another lame interview on ‘MMR he’d go back on drugs. Kidd Chris and ‘YSP management offered no comment asked if Ozzy’s people had contacted the station to complain about the prank. Real Ozzy played last night at the Wachovia Spectrum in a show co-sponsored by WMMR.