After being sprung from a New York City jail cell Sunday night, one of CBS 3 anchor Alycia Lane's first orders of business was to track down the cell phone number of Gov. Ed Rendell, sources say.

Rendell's spokesman Chuck Ardo confirmed this afternoon that Lane reached Rendell by phone Sunday night to "make sure he knew her side of the story because he is an opinion maker and runs around in influential circles."

"I think she knew better than to ask him to intervene," Ardo said when we asked whether the anchorwoman requested Rendell lobby any New York law enforcement or court officials on her behalf. "He will not, he would not, and he has not been asked to," Ardo said about whether Rendell planned to get involved in Lane's case.

Sources tell us Lane was also hoping to contact state Sen. Vince Fumo at some point after her release. Reached earlier, Fumo spokesman Gary Tuma said he had no knowledge of any outreach from Lane to Fumo and he would look into it. He has not yet gotten back to us.

Station sources questioned Lane's journalistic integrity in contacting or seeking any assistance from prominent politicians.

Lane's attorney

David Smith

did not immediately return a call seeking comment on why his client was phoning lawmakers from Pennsylvania, two states away from where the incident occurred.

UPDATED 4:53 PM : PA and New York are not two states away, they share a border. Still strange though, right?