Given that's it's Memorial Day Weekend, you might have guessed the answer to the headline.

Memorial Day Weekend is indeed the holiday weekend with the fewest under-the-influence accidents, at least on a per-day basis, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

And yet it's one of the top weekends for DUI arrests.

What's the most dangerous weekend? Depends on which stat you pick. New Year's Weekend had highest rate of DUI crashes, Labor Day Weekend the highest total. Thanksgiving Weekend had the most DUI arrests, both total and per day.

Here are two breakdowns.

DUI crashes in Pennsylvania in 2012

1. New Year's Weekend, 26.3 per day, 79 total for three-day weekend (No. 5 for total).
2. Labor Day Weekend, 22 per day, 88 total for four-day weekend (No. 1 total).
3. Easter Weekend, 18.7 per day, 56 total for three-day weekend (No. 7 total).
4, Thanksgiving Weekend, 17.2  per day, 86 total for five-day weekend (No. 2 total).
5 (tie). Christmas Weekend and July Fourth Weekend, 17 per day each, 85 total each for five-day weekend (tied for No. 3 total).
7. Memorial Day Weekend, 16.5 per day, 66 total for four-day (No. 6 total).
-- Randomly selected weekend, June 7-10, 7.5 per day, 30 total for four-day weekend.

No stats are kept for St. Patrick's Day, said Trooper Adam Reed, the state police spokesman who supplied the data.

DUI arrests in Pennsylvania in 2012

1. Labor Day Weekend, 110 per day, 440 total for four-day weekend (No. 2 for total).
2. Thanksgiving Weekend, 101.8 per day, 509 total for five-day weekend (1).
3. Memorial Day Weekend, 101 per day, 404 total for four-day weekend (4).
4. Easter Weekend, 97.2 per day, 292 total for three-day weekend (6).
5. New Year's Weekend, 95 per day, 285 total for three-day weekend (7).
6. Fourth of July Weekend, 86.4 per day, 432 total for five-day weekend (3).
7. Christmas Weekend, 69.6 per day, 348 total for five-day weekend (5).
-- Randomly selected weekend, June 7-10, 65.3 per day, 261 total for four-day weekend.

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