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#PhillyFive What We're Reading: March 24, 2015

What we're reading this morning: Not Ferguson, unlikely treasure; the Gallery's golden age; Camden's food desert and tomorrow's hipster trend today.

Stories from around the web that we're reading this morning. Something for everyone.

Seth Williams says Philly isn't Ferguson "I'm not afraid of charging people if the evidence is there."

There's gold in them thar feces. Researchers are investigating ways to extract the precious metals "worth millions" from human waste.

It's the end of the Gallery as we know it -- and that's a shame. Once hailed as the cornerstone of a Philadelphia renaissance, The city's urban mall has come to be viewed as a failure (though it really wasn't).

The 'food desert' across the Delaware River. Corner stores run rampant in Camden, where there are no grocery stores.

Tomorrow's hipster trend today. Forget artisanal coffee and craft beer. Matcha, the latest drink obsession of NYC's millennials, is a powdered green tea that can cost more than gold.

- Sam Wood