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The 10 most, least respected U.S. brands

The consulting firm CoreBrand did a report on the country's most- and least-respected brands, and there's good news for several Pennsylvania and New Jersey businesses.

Pennsylvania chocolate-maker Hershey's is the third-most-respected brand in the nation, CoreBrand found. Also making the most-respected list were Johnson & Johnson, headquartered in New Brunswick, N.J., and Campbell's Soup, headquartered in Camden.

However, Camp Hill, Pa.-based Rite Aid didn't fare as well, making the least-respected list.

CoreBrand says it rated the most respected brands by their familiarity and favorability. Brands with the highest scores in both categories were named most respected; well-known brands with the lowest favorability scores were ranked least respected.

Here are the full lists:

Top 10 most-respected brands
1. PepsiCo and Coca-Cola (tie)
3. Hershey's
4. Harley-Davidson
5. Bayer
6. Johnson & Johnson
7. Kellogg's
8. Campbell's Soup Company
9. Colgate-Palmolive
10. Estee Lauder

Top 10 least-respected brands:
1. Delta
2. Philip Morris
3. H&R Block
4. Denny's
5. Big Lots
6. Best Buy
7. J.C. Penney
8. Capital One
9. Rite Aid
10. Foot Locker