The Philadelphia Police Department's psychological screening eliminates black applicants at a higher rate than white candidates. From 2011 to 2014, 72.5 percent of the 262 black applicants passed the evaluation, while 81.2 percent of the 823 prospective white officers passed. While experts say the difference isn't necessarily evidence of discrimination, black officers' groups see the lower rate as a cause for concern. "We're still not on even ground," said David Fisher, president of the National Black Police Association's greater Philadelphia chapter. Read more
Glenn Straub scooped up Revel in Atlantic City for $82 million in April, and has big plans for the casino-hotel and the city around it. He's talked about water slides, zip lines, snowboard half-pipes, universities, music festivals and horses. "We make money when nobody else can make money, because I live our projects for about six months and then I move on to the next problem," the billionaire developer from Florida says. "I'm still young enough that if I like it, I'm going to do it." Last month, he purchased the power plant that was the source of Revel's electricity, ending his biggest headache in Atlantic City. Some in the city are hopeful that Straub, who grew up in Wheeling, W.Va., can put his ideas into action. "In terms of promises made and promises kept, because of the power plant, you have to give Glenn Straub the benefit of the doubt," says local radio host Harry Hurley. "I think a mixed-use Revel, with retail, entertainment and all the other things he's calling for, would be huge for Atlantic City." Read more
An Orthodox rabbi from New Jersey has been sentenced to 10 years in prison for orchestrating a conspiracy to extort religious divorces from husbands using beatings, stun guns and an electric cattle prod. Rabbi Mandel Epstein, 70, carried out the assaults from 2009 to 2013 in New Jersey and other places. Court records say the recalcitrant husbands were kidnapped, tied up and beaten. "Over the years, I guess, I got caught up in my tough-guy image," Epstein told the judge. "Truthfully, it helped me - the reputation - convince many of these reprobates to do the right thing." Read more
The Republican presidential candidates spoke in bleak terms about terrorism during Tuesday's televised debate, as they tried to project themselves as best-equipped to keep the nation safe. Front-runner Donald Trump defended his proposal to ban Muslims from traveling to the United States and reiterated his call to kill family members of terrorists. "That will make people think," Trump said. "They may not care about their own lives, but, believe it or not, they care about their families' lives." Jeb Bush called Trump a "chaos candidate." And Marco Rubio blasted Ted Cruz for supporting a measure that ended the National Security Agency's bulk collection of telephone-call metadata, while Cruz ripped Rubio's support of legislation that would have liberalized immigration laws. Read more
Kathryn Knott took the stand in her own defense Tuesday, telling jurors she did not hit anyone or say anything demeaning during a Center City attack on a gay couple. "No I did not," the 25-year-old Southampton woman testified when her attorney asked if she struck anyone or used a slur. Two other men have pleaded guilty for their roles in the September 2014 attack, but Knott has maintained she didn't harm anyone. In a closing statement, however, prosecutor Michael Barry told the jury: "This was a hate crime ... She does not like gay people," and said four people identified Knott as participating in the attack. Jurors are expected to begin deliberations today. Read more