A Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice tearfully apologized for exchanging offensive and crude emails during a hearing before the judicial ethics court weighing misconduct charges against him. But J. Michael Eakin also contended that he was the victim of a "media circus" and "dragged through the mud without the opportunity to address the misstatements and, in my mind, the total dishonesty in many of the news reports." Eakin told the Court of Judicial Discipline that the should be held accountable for the messages he sent, but not the ones he received: "I apologize to my brethren, to the judiciary, to the legal profession, to people who voted for me, to people who didn't vote for me, for what I have allowed to happen." The panel could decide this week whether Eakin should be suspended for his role in the Porngate email scandal involving images of naked women and jokes mocking minorities, gays and others. Read more
Amol R. Kohli got his start at Friendly's as a teenager in Voorhees, scooping ice cream, washing dishes and working as a host, cook and shift supervisor. Now, the 27-year-old owns 10 of his own Friendly's franchises in South Jersey in Pennsylvania. His ninth opened Monday at the Voorhees Town Center, and the 10th will be ready for business next month at the Gloucester Premium Outlets. Kohli is the youngest Friendly's franchiesee among the 27 owners and 259 restaurants. "While he may be young, his business acumen is probably the equivalent of franchisees who are 15 to 20 years older, if not more," said David Ulgenalp, Friendly's chief development officer. "He's a very sharp guy." Read more
Leaders in Wilmington have been decrying the violence in their city, one of the most dangerous in the country. But recently they've also been speaking out against ABC's and actress Jada Pinkett Smith's proposed drama "Murder Town," which depicts Smith as the city's first black District Attorney and takes its name from a Newsweek article last year with that headline. "Naming Wilmington as the setting for a crime-fighting drama titled 'Murder Town' is insensitive to the families who have lost loved ones due to gun violence, as well as insensitive to those who proudly call Wilmington home," Mayor Dennis Williams said. Read more
The Chevrolet Camaro that slameed into a parked tractor-trailer in Holmesburg on Sunday, killing the three young women inside, was perhaps going double the 35 mph speed limit. "Clearly, this car was going much in excess of 35, probably at least double of that," Capt. John Wilczynski said. "Speed was a major factor of this crash." Police identified 25-year-old Amonie Nicole Barton of Yeadon as the driver of the rented car and 22-year-old Giavanna Scavo of Northeast Philadelphia as a passenger. The third victim has not yet been identified. Read more
The Judicial Control Board has charged Philadelphia Common Pleas Judge Angeles Roca with five ethics violations and moved to suspend her, contending that the judge improperly tried to influence a tax-delinquency case involving her son. After a Municipal Court judge ruled against Ian Rexach's barbershop in 2012, Roca was angry Judge Dawn A. Segal denied her son's request to reopen his case. She called Municipal Court Judge Joseph C. Waters Jr. to complain. "The bitch denied it," Roca said, describing Segal's refusal to accept Rexach's excuse that he mixed up the hearing date and encouraging Waters to intervene. "I mean, it's not a legal defense, but give me a break." Read more