In the wake of the arrest of four teens who allegedly assaulted police during a disturbance at the Philadelphia Mills Mall, a flash mob that was quickly organized via social media, police say youth – and their parents – need to be responsible for their behavior. "Parents have to be part of the process," said said Lt. John Stanford, a Philadelphia police spokesman.. "Hopefully, parents will see these reports and take a look at what their kids are involved in." Read more
A nonunion electrical contractor who filed a racketeering suit against labor leader John J. Dougherty after a job-site fistfight has withdrawn his case. But lawyers for Joshua Keesee say they intend to refile if they can find more evidence to bolster the claim. "We are anxious to strengthen our RICO claim against Mr. Dougherty," attorney Clifford Haines said. "That's lawyer talk for: We're looking for more victims who are willing to come forward and say, 'Mr. Dougherty and his union have intimidated me, too.'" Read more
A 27-year-old woman has turned herself into police to face charges of shooting her boyfriend this week in a moving SUV, which then crashed in Germantown. Martina Wescott and Terrell Bruce were arguing inside the Ford Expedition on Tuesday afternoon, when Wescott allegedly shot Bruce in the head as they drove on the 500 block of Walnut Lane. Read more
The Philadelphia School District has now spent more than $2 million to defend itself in lawsuits resulting from a no-bid contract for school surveillance cameras. That amount covers district payments to outside lawyers in connection with four suits and brings the total cost of the fallout from the contract, including damages, to $6.4 million. Read more
New Jersey legislators have passed a bill that specifies how much insurance ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft must maintain, establishes requirements for conducting background checks on drivers, and prohibits the companies from discriminating against riders based on their destination, age, race, sexual orientation or gender identity. The bill, now on Gov. Chris Christie's desk, would make New Jersey the 37th state to pass a ride-sharing law. Read more