Brian McGinnis believes Democrats in Pennsylvania should look no further than two counties - one of the state's most affluent and one of its more beleaguered - to understand what went wrong and how to regroup from a devastating Election Day. What happened in Luzerne and Chester Counties suggest Donald Trump's Keystone State win over Hillary Clinton had as much to do with a flawed Democratic coalition as it did with Trump's unique campaign. Read more

Rep. Leslie Acosta returned to Harrisburg this week. No one seemed happy to see her. Read more

Suicide can be a bolt of lightning from the clear blue for some families, but that wasn't the case for Anthony. His life was full of brooding skies and blazing suns. Read more
From a high-rise rooftop on the west side of the Schuylkill, a 20-year-old Drexel University student allegedly operated a flying camera drone recklessly all the way to the Ben Franklin Bridge, and it nearly collided with a police helicopter Wednesday evening. Read more

Two films this month  have restored my faith that it’s actually possible to make obscenely expensive, special-effects-stuffed blockbusters that are actually good. The latest is Fantastic Beasts. Read more