In the weeks after Pope Francis blessed their ailing daughter during his visit to Philadelphia, Joe and Kristen Masciantonio probably spent more time in the cancer ward at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia than at Mass at St. Cyril of Jerusalem in Bucks County. But last week, Joe said, scans showed that a troublesome tumor in 1-year-old Gianna's brain shrank significantly after rounds and rounds of surgeries and chemotherapy, to the point where it's "basically gone." Read more
One man was running his 64th marathon, the other was running his first since he got a prosthetic leg. For both, finishing yesterday's Philadelphia Marathon was an achievement.
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The 2017 gubernatorial race to succeed Gov. Christie was being waged last week in Atlantic City amid the flashing lights of Borgata's dance club, open bars at Caesars, and dozens of other private parties hosted by New Jersey's political elite. Read more
EAn old road, one that served as an Indian trail in the age before settlers arrived, was later traveled by the likes of William Penn and George Washington, today endures as the busy asphalt thoroughfare of Frankford Avenue. It was christened 300 years ago under a grander name: the King's Highway.  Read more
Wer were wrong about this team at the start of this season. We were wrong about this team midway through, too. The Eagles are not a mediocre team. A mediocre team is still likely to win the NFC East. Read more