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After months of no progress, talks between the Philadelphia School District and its largest union have inched forward, with the school system putting an offer worth about $100 million on the table this month. But the teachers union president is saying he will not take it to his membership. Read more
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At 8:30 a.m., orthopedic surgeon Richard Rothman was scrubbed and shrouded in protective blue paper in a Thomas Jefferson University Hospital operating room, poised to give Gail Cunningham her second replacement hip. Read more
As more open-to-the-public farms, wineries, breweries, and even a distillery have arrived on the scene and the concept of farm-to-table has become as de rigueur on a menu as wild-caught-seafood and heirloom tomatoes, a new category of travel - agritourism - has sprouted in Cape May County. Read more