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17 worst jobs in sports

In high school, we joked if you screwed up at a track meet you'd get demoted to javelin catcher.

Imaginary video clip: Guy looks up, staggers, splat! Blood everywhere, body skewered like a shish kabob.

The humor's sophomoric, but it still worked junior and senior year -- and on Saturday on SportsRadio 94 WIP.

Glen Macnow, cohosting with Ray Didinger, asked callers to name the Worst Job in Sports.

Sixers head coach Brett Brown, stuck with one of the worst NBA teams in memory, was the inspiration (and the one to beat in the on-air contest).

Here's a rough rundown of the ideas from calls and tweets, in order of ascending cruelty.

12 Worst Jobs in Sports

  1. Youth sports referee

  2. David Lee, quarterbacks coach for the Jets

  3. The spit-bucket guy in the boxing corner

  4. Sixers or Phils season-ticket renewal salesperson

  5. Urine test collector

  6. Rodeo clown

  7. Competitive eater's proctologist

  8. Pro boxer's sparring partner

  9. PR man for Redskins owner Dan Snyder

  10. Sumo wrestler's assistant. (tweet to Macnow: "I've been to Japan... They have to wipe their butts because they can't reach. Truth!")

  11. Golfer who has to clean Jerry Jones' glasses (actually, his son-in-law, as seen on YouTube)

  12. Thoroughbred breeder's sperm collector (won a night at Conshohocken Brewing Company)

5 more no one mentioned

  1. Punt returner

  2. Flyers Ice Girl (skimpy-outfits edition)

  3. NASCAR medical examiner

  4. Rear end or bottom half of a two-person animal mascot

  5. Donald Sterling's girlfriend

Have fun coming up with your own.

Oh wait. I forgot one: Person who has to edit comments on sports articles.

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