On the other side of gay marriage, we have the divorce of Gay American, former N.J. Luv Guv Jim McGreevey and his long-suffering someday-to-be-ex wife  Dinos Matos McGreevey in state Superior Court in Elizabeth. You can read all about her suffering in the memoir, Silent Partner.

Not-so-silent Dina wants alimony because she lived so well, though not happily, as the Garden State's first lady with access to the governor's manse in Princeton, a helicopter and two -- count 'em, two -- summer houses. (One on the northern and another on the southern Jersey Shore?)

Apparently, despite dueling Oprah appearances and memoirs, neither McG has reaped wealth, except by attachment.

In court, McGreevey admitted to being deep in debt from nearly $200,000 in legal bills. His domestic partner, Austrailian financial advisor Mark O'Donnell, pays his bills.

In other words, he's a kept man. First, by the state. Now, by a guy.

So you can imagine that it's hard for a kept man to keep his ex-wife in the way she was accustomed when he was governor.

McGreevey claims to make $48,000 annually, quite a comedown from the $175,000 salary earned by the NJ governor, the fourth highest gubernatorial income in the nation, not to mention those two vacation homes.

The trial is scheduled to continue at the Union County Courthouse Monday. Up next: Forensic accountant Sharyn Maggio testifies as to whether McGreevey's "celebrity goodwill" translates financially into $1 million annually based on his unique status as a former disgraced governor who put his alleged poet boyfriend on the payroll.

It was four years ago this August that McG made his speech and stepped down as governor.

Wars have been won in less time.

Can't the McGreeveys just put an end to this and go their separate, silent ways? Oh, but that might mean we would stop paying attention to these two supremely needy people.