So Chris Booker, the disc jockey who spawned a million gossip items, has been ousted as morning host from Q102. The Clear Channel station is aiming for a more music-intensive program,  the Inquirer's Michael Klein reports.

Hmmm, isn't radio supposed to be music intensive in the first place?

Booker and girlfriend, former anchorbabe Alycia Lane, now can spend all their time together as both are no longer clotting the airwaves.

The couple seems incapable of leaving home without letting a gossip columnist know about it. Lane, when she was at CBS 3, once texted a reporter during a station break. She spoke to Dr. Phil about her relationship woes. She manages to get into New York tabloids on a fairly regular basis. She takes a very pretty picture.

Despite gameful employment, it's a safe bet that the two will continue to bold face their way into our lives as the American Idol-version of television newsreading and radio blather. Who knows where they will surface next?