Karin Begin, a former Philadelphia disc jokey and pathological liar of epic proportions, has reportedly died.


She reportedly perished on September 11th, after her New York radio career flamed out, which was revealed to be an Internet hoax after she surfaced on San Francisco radio.

Begin, now working under the name Darian O'Toole, died the day after April Fools after being hospitalized for a broken leg.

Yes, a broken leg.

Many former colleagues and friends remain suspicious, and chatter has fired up the internet.

Begin, originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, was hired at WXPN in the fall of 1991 and fired six months later after lying prodigously to colleagues and media outlets. Full disclosure: My husband, David Dye, was involved in her hiring. He steadfastly stood by her, as did then station manager Mark Fuerst, after Philadelphia magazine revealed that much of what she said had little relationship to the truth.

She claimed to have been a child star on Canadian television, and went so far as to have friends pretend to be CBC officials when the Inquirer's Joe Logan investigated her claims. She even had a TV guide listing doctored, saying she had appeared along with band leader Paul Schaffer. She constantly professed to  having an affair with Kiefer Sutherland, who was engaged to Julia Roberts at the time.

After she was fired, Begin appeared on a CBS 48 Hours episode on lying, hosted by Dan Rather. "Show me an actress who hasn't lied on her resumé," she said, "and I'll show you a waitress."

But she was never an actress.

Begin went on to be hired and fired by a long succession stations, a remarkable list even in a profession known for revolving doors. In this 1997 interview, she was back to lying about acting and Sutherland

She wrote on her MySpace page: "By the time I was in my 20's, I was already a popular star of a radio call-in program in Pennsylvania called "Who's Sitting in My Lap." Howard [Stern] later stole this idea for his show, only he uses naked whores."

She wrote on her blog that she had cancer at one time. Now, she has apparently died of complications from a broken leg.