What to serve for dinner on a night like this? Especially if the kitchen is without air conditioning?

You can always cut up some tomatoes, toss them with salt, garlic and basil, boil some pasta , add some parm. But now you're eating HOT food in a hot setting.

Growing up without air conditioning in the swamp that is D.C., our family often had coffee milkshakes on pea-soup nights like this one.

Now, that we're older, a vodka and tonic (or gin and tonic or rum and tonic) served with copious amounts of lime seems particularly inviting.

Or, you could just head to the local tavern where the a.c. is blasting, there are 17 great beers on tap, and the burgers are good. The only thing missing to make the evening perfect would be the Phillies on the flat screen given they they're as scorching as the weather.