This week's poll features another disturbingly low ballot count. But with Schuylkill 16 voter

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's 24-hour Christmas music special on

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just a few days away, I needed to get this done tonight.

There also weren't many pithy comments either, but at least I'm getting used to that.

Anyway, we soldier on. If you're interested in joining the voter group, feel free to email me and I'll add you to the list.

And join me for a live chat from courtside at the Cornell-St. Joe's game in just a few minutes.

1. Villanova, 8 points
2. Temple, 18 points

- "With the 25th coming this week, will the bad Christmas puns finally stop?" (Rob Falcone)

3. Penn State, 26 points
4. Saint Joseph's, 31 points
5. La Salle, 42 points
6. Rutgers, 45 points

- "Ken Pomeroy predicts Rutgers will go 5-15 the rest of the way.  Looks like their stock is going to be falling faster than Ford's." (Zach Klitzman)

Or the bank accounts of the boosters pushing for the football stadium expansion?

- "Fred Hill an early candidate for Division 3 coach of the year." (Jeff Shafer)

Hey now,

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this year.
7. Rider, 61 points
8. Delaware, 65 points

- "Barely escaped with a win against BU, but kudos for the clutch three when it mattered." (Rob Falcone)

9. Lehigh, 73 points
10. Drexel, 76 points

- "Words can not describe how bad their shooting has been, yet 3 games have been decided in the last 60 seconds.  If they can find a way to hit a jumper, they could be dangerous." (Rob Falcone)

11. Bucknell, 89 points
12. Penn, 93 points
13. Princeton, 108 points

- "Princeton is already half way to that fourth straight losing season." (Jeff Shafer)

- "No pith this week. Too many Christmas records to preview!" (Jon Solmon)

My remark about Jon's show above was serious. It's a lot of fun to listen to, and it's very interactive. Join him at for 24 straight hours of holiday hits starting at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve.
14. Lafayette, 110 points

- "How many teams can say they are 3-0 against the field? If you had Central Connecticut State, congratulations you're a winner."

The Blue Devils' first win in the streak was against the Leopards, so they get the pith.
15. Delaware State, 119 points
16. Monmouth, 124 points