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The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 6

There's quite a bit to talk about.

If you haven't yet seen my all-Decade teams for each of the City Six schools, check them out. Temple and La Salle are here, St. Joe's and Villanova are here, and Drexel and Penn are here.

In the morning, I'll post a page where you'll be able to vote for the player of the decade from each school.

Now for the latest edition of the Schuylkill 16, which I suspect will also give you quite a bit to talk about...

1. Temple, 25 points (5 first-place votes)

2. Villanova, 26 points (7 first-place votes)
- "Big Mouph stomping on that dude's head was the only sign of life from the Cats on Saturday." (Nick Catrambone)
- "I'm a Nova Nation realist. Not impressed with our recent wins, yet we still move up in the [national] rankings. Obviously the rest of the basketball world likes the Cats! Time for the Cats to start crushing people. Jay ... press for 40 minutes. Serious paybacks on the 30th against Temple. I assure everyone that Pepe will not score 30 at the Pavilion. " (Ralph Manopello)

Yes, I think we can all be sure of that.

3. Drexel, 45 points (3 first-place votes)
- "What are the odds that Drexel gets a second straight top 25 victory at a Big East team when it goes to Syracuse today (Wednesday)? About as good as becoming a full-fledged member of the Big 5. (Zach Klitzman)
- "Notice how Vegas isn't putting an Over/Under on this Syracuse game? That's all Bruiser Flint. If Drexel does their thing, this is a 60-55 game." (Nick Catrambone)

Both comments may be moot by the time you read this, but they're still worth having here.

4. La Salle, 87 points
- "Nice to see Aaric Murray have a career game against Bucknell after being schooled against the Big Boy team on the Main Line. Where is Bucknell ranked again??" (Ralph Manopello)

Fairly high in this week's poll, as it turns out.

5. Princeton, 94 points

6. Penn State, 111 points
- "If Penn State continues its trend of beating non-BCS schools and losing to power conference schools, it will finish the year 8-21. Even then, I'd still vote them higher than Monmouth." (Zach Klitzman)
- "The football team has a better shot at winning in game in January than the basketball team does." (Nick Catrambone)

7. Bucknell, 122 points
- "It looks like Bucknell blew up the 'La Salle is better than everyone here but Villanova' theory." (Brian Ewart)
- "I realize putting Bucknell at eight is a stretch. But when you go 2-0 in S-16 play in a week, I'm gonna bump you up." (Zach Klitzman)

8. Rutgers, 123 points

9. Delaware, 126 points
- "Jawan Carter, also known as 'Delaware's offense,' was only able to make two field goals against the Villanova defense on Saturday. Maybe UDel should look into finding another scorer?" (Brian Ewart)

10. Rider, 136 points

11. Penn, 155 poits

12. Lehigh, 176 points

13. Saint Joseph's, 183 points
- "The Hawk is in the ICU and is heavily sedated." (Nick Catrambone)

14. Lafayette, 201 points

15. Delaware State, 212 points
- "Enjoy my No. 14 ranking while you can. With your next three games against two ACC schools and a Big 12 school, this will probably be the highest you're ranked all year." (Zach Klitzman)

16. Monmouth, 218 points
- "Rutgers took the short drive down route 18 over the weekend to attack the MAC (Multipurpose Activity Center -- sounds like the name of a Division III or intramural facility) and now Villanova is headed to the Jersey Shore. No amount of GTL will prevent back-to-back home losses." (Brian Ewart)

Well, as an SJU die hard that just suffered another game in which the other team scored more points than us, I must keep perspective. Yeah, yeah, our record ain't swell, but this is not the team that was brutal last year with the likes of stiffs like Prescott and Irwin... No, no, no, this is a breand new Hawks team with like of Lil' Carl Tay Jones (aka Tay-I) and Ron-Ron Roberts.

We're young and are still learning how to close out games, just wait 'till the A-10 tourney people. Oh, and Villanova shouldn't be part of the Big 5... they hate banners and their students don't know Big 5 tradition from a polo shirt, but they love banners that read 'THE HAWK WILL NEVER DIE'... burn