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Halftime thoughts: Eagles-Lions

Obviously, while the snow may be visually fun on TV, these are not ideal playing conditions here at Lincoln Financial Field. Here was my view from the press box during one of the Lions' drives. It's difficult to even see what is happening on the field.


• Initially, the Lions adapted to the conditions better than the Eagles. It seems like they are running simpler routes in the passing game, and Matthew Stafford has had better accuracy in the snow than Nick Foles.

• At one point, the Eagles were being outgained 137 to -1. It is now 140 to 90. The Eagles went to more of a straight ahead running attack, which worked near the end of the first half. Chris Polk seems to be built for these conditions. He needs to see more action in the second half.

• The Lions have fumbled 5 times already, with the Eagles recovering 2 of them. The score could actually be a lot worse, but the current 8-0 deficit seems like it may be very difficult to recover from in the snow.

• Calvin Johnson is now the Lions' all-time leader in receiving yards. He also got a facemask full of snow on one of his catches.

• Neither team feels like they can make simple kicks. The Lions went for 2 instead of kicking a PAT, and the Eagles went for it on 4th and 7 deep in Lions territory.

• Nick Foles' consecutive TD streak without an INT is over. He had some breaks along the way to keep it alive in the first place, but it still feels like a bit of a bummer to lose it in these conditions.

Second half about to begin...