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Ranking NFL teams by age: Rams the youngest, Lions the oldest, Eagles 10th

As of roughly 9pm on cut down day, when I finished collecting data from all 32 NFL team website rosters, the Rams had the youngest team in the NFL, as they did last year. The Lions are the oldest. By the time you read this, this data will already out of date as teams continue to make minor tweaks to their rosters. However, even with the continued roster movement, the average ages of each team shouldn't change much.

Here are the results:

Also, one quick note: Every year I do this, I seem to get the same basic comment, which I'll address ahead of time.

"The difference between the Rams and Lions is only 2.17 years. Big whoop."

It most certainly is a big whoop. Keep in mind that these are the average ages of 53 players per team.

2.17 years on average * 53 players = A difference of 115 total years between the Rams and Lions.

In other words, if you took the 23 oldest Lions and shaved 5 years off each of their ages, their roster would be the same age as the Rams.

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