Because of a water main break in the city, dozens of Philadelphia public schools closed at 11:30. (List updated, 12 p.m.)
They are:
High Schools
Ben Franklin High School
Edison High School
Fels High School
Frankford High School
Franklin Learning Center
Lincoln High School
Masterman High School
Parkway Center City
Parkway Northwest
Philadelphia Military Academy
PLA North

Middle Schools

Clemente Middle School
Feltonville Arts & Sciences
Meehan Middle School
Early Childhood Center
Rivera Early Childhood Center

Elementary Schools

Bache-Martin Elementary
Barton Elementary
Carnell Elementary
Cramp Elementary
DeBurgos Elementary
Disston Elementary
Duckrey Elementary
Dunbar Elementary
Elkin Elementary
Forrest Elementary
Hartranft Elementary
Hopkinson Elementary
John Marshall Elementary
Juniata Park Elementary
Mayfair Elementary
McClure Elementary
McKinley Elementary
Morrison Elementary
Munoz-Marin Elementary
Potter Thomas Elementary
Sheridan Elementary
Sheppard Elementary
Solis Cohen Elementary
Spruance Elementary
Taylor Elementary
Thurgood Marshall Elementary
Waring Elementary
Welsh Elementary
Zeigler Elementary