People have been asking about this year’s Sexy Single party.  Mark your calendars. The tentative date is Sept. 10.

We decided to wait to host the party until after Labor Day to make sure folks are back from their summer vacations. Stay tuned because more details to come. It’ll generally be like last year and by that I mean it will take place in a Center City nightclub on a Thursday night. The singles and their guests will be treated to a VIP reception followed by a party open to the general public.

And, no, this year, we will not be voting in a male winner or a female winner. Last year’s contest was a total pain. So, this time around, we’re skipping that aspect of the competition. We consider everyone who makes it into the paper a winner already. After all, hundreds entered and just getting the call to make it to Atlantic City was a feat itself.

Look for Sexy Singles' photos to start appearing the last week of July or perhaps the first week of August, depending on what's happening in the news.