At 7 a.m. I reluctantly rolled out of my plush, king sized bed to greet a new day and 13 more sexy singles for the Daily News sexy single photo shoot in Atlantic City. This time the singles were even more diverse--film producers, actresses, radio show hosts and local politicians among them.

We had the singles tell us if their love life were a reailty TV how, what it would be called. Some of the best responses...

"Fast Cars, unruly dates and bright lights"
"Do you have protection?"
"That show would be cancelled by now…"

Clearly, it's not easy to be single, no matter how sexy.

Only one wardrobe fiasco today, which a trip to the Calvin Klein outlet store quickly remedied.

We're getting some great shots around the Taj Mahal and a few additional at The Chelsea--a hip, gorgeous 70's themed hotel. Think metalic couches, mirror walls and deep purple pool tables. My favorite shot of the day was of a young pianist/songwriter dressed in greys and sitting at a white baby grand. Favorite outfit? The dresses are cute but you can't get sexier than a leopard print bikini one female film producer wore.

In other news, some things are expected to come along with being a Sexy Single. People often get modeling or acting jobs from employers who see their profiles in the paper. An inbox filled with emails from interested male and female suitors is also standard. But casino winnings aren't guaranteed.

Not true for one lucky single though. We heard from one of yesterday's models who told us she won big at the slot machines. After her Taj Mahal pool-shoot was over she decided to take the 20 minutes to go do some gambling downstairs. She spent $20 and made $200. Not bad.

Tomorrow we'll shoot our final lucky 13.