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Eddie Jordan coaching freshman team

Former Sixers coach Eddie Jordan is back in coaching, taking over the freshman team at his alma mater, Archbishop Carroll in Bel Air, Md. (insert joke here).

He is a volunteer coach, but is still getting paid $3 million by the 76ers. He was fired after one season, winning just 27 games.

"I just felt, to be in a gym and helping kids, I wanted to see what kind of group I will get," Jordan, 56, told the Washington Post. "It's my high school. It's Carroll. … I wanted to give back."

Jordan's former high school coach and Carroll Athletic Director George Leftwich serves as his assistant and drives the bus so players can get to and from school to practice.

Jordan, who coached in the NBA from 1992 to 2010, cited the influence that his coaches had on him as to why he decided to jump in. He also coaches a youth league team for his 13-year-old son Jackson.

"My eighth-grade coach was very instrumental with me and other kids in Southeast and I saw the guidance and discipline and structure and saw how it changed kids' lives, not just basketball, but other qualities of life," Jordan said. "Whether you're good at basketball or not, you can help kids at the level establish discipline and structure and teamwork."

San Antonio coach Gregg Popovich has invited Jordan to attend the team's training camp scheduled to begin Dec. 9, but Jordan said he was unlikely to go.

"That's a heck of an opportunity," he said. "But even if George forces me to go, I might not go. I want these kids to be committed. This is their first team to be committed to."