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Iguodala trade rumor and Rudy Gay

This offseason will be filled with plenty of trade rumors involved the Sixers and Andre Iguodala.

One that was kicking around recently is a swap of Iguodala to Memphis for Rudy Gay.

Asked last week by the Daily News about Iguodala's future, Sixers president Rod Thorn said:
"There are some players that are less likely to move than others. If you can make a deal that makes sense, either in short or long-term, you always look at it. It's obviously about acquiring talent, and obviously Andre is a very talented player who can help a team in more ways than most players can. I'm just trying to look at ways we can help our team."

As for Rudy Gay, though, Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley wanted to make his position clear: The team is not trading him.

How clear? Heisley called Memphis Commercial Appeal columnist Geoff Gaulkins and asked him to write that Gay was not going anywhere in order to stop the rumors.

Very little subtlety here, as Caulkins writes:

Mike Heisley was on the phone from Chicago. Something was plainly bothering him.

"You could do me a favor," he said.

For you, Mike? Anything.

"Would you please make it clear that we're not trading Rudy Gay?"

You're not? But I keep hearing all these NBA types say that you might well trade him.

"I know," said Heisley. "And, quite frankly, it (ticks) me off. I think it's cruel to the guy. He died during this period. That's how much he wanted to play. And to now have to hear that we're trading him? There's nothing more untrue than that."

So, I should write that he'll be back?

"Let me tell you something," said Heisley. "No disrespect to Oklahoma City, but if we had had Rudy Gay, we would have won the bleepity-bleep series going away. I really believe that."

That could put this one to bed regarding Gay for Iguodala, but there are bound to be plenty more.

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