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Scout disses Sixers in Sports Illustrated

In this week's Sports Illustrated a scout says the Sixers have quit on the season.

Rare to open Sports Illustrated and see something on the Sixers, but it's there this week. On the "Inside the NBA" page, Chris Mannix has a small item in which he quotes an unnamed Western Conference scout talking about the Sixers. Here it is:

"They are having dunk contests before games; they are running plays sloppily or not all the way through; and they aren't listening to (coach) Eddie Jordan. They have quit. They know Eddie is gone (after the season) and they think they don't have to listen anymore. The thing is, they are making themselves look like a-------. These guys think that just because Eddie is gone they will be back (next year). But nobody wants guys who give up when things go bad. Eddie's offense was a bad fit for this roster - they have to find a way to play more up-tempo - but these guys are embarrassing themselves. And everyone around the league knows it."

There you have it. Thoughts?