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Sixers drop ticket prices again

After announcing they would lower ticket prices, the new Sixers owners announced today they intend to lower them some more.

For all 13 home games in January, tickets in the mezzanine level will be $17.76 or less, with no online ticket fees if purchased on

Additionally, all season-ticket holders who previously purchased tickets in the mezzanine level above $17.76 will be upgraded to seats in the lower level for all home games in January.

"With only a month between the receipt of our schedule and the Philadelphia 76ers first home game, we have many available seats at the Wells Fargo Center for January home games," Aron said in a statement. "What better way to give back to our fans and welcome new Sixers ownership, than to celebrate the heritage of our city and the heritage of our team's name with a $17.76 price," Aron said. "All seats in the upper bowl for January Sixers home games will be priced at $17.76 or less for all 13 January home games. That means that more than 100,000 Philadelphia 76ers seats will be priced at or below $17.76. If Philadelphians ever wanted to see an NBA game in person, but felt that prices were unaffordable to do so, now is your time. Do not miss this rare opportunity to take in a 76ers game in person at an incomparable value."

Tickets go on sale Friday.

The Sixers are also offering five packages, many of which include games against the Dallas Mavericks, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers and other major opponents:

• One 10-game plan (Big)

• Four 8-game plans (Red, Blue, Star, 3-Point)