Memorial Day weekend marks the official start to summer—at least in my book—and with the sweltering temperatures we’ve been having here in Philly lately, I’m ready to break free of my beauty routine and embrace the old saying “less is more.” Less make-up, less products, and yes, less clothing (hey, it’s hot!).

 So I’m excited to hear about some new products from Walnut Street’s purveyor of all-natural, not tested on animals, 100% vegetarian cosmetics, LUSH. The self-professed “cosmetic-deli” just debuted lighter-than-moisturizer solid facial serums (one for oily or acne-prone skin and one for sensitive or aging skin), as well as four new make-up color bases (called Colour Supplements) that can be custom-blended with any of their facial moisturizers to make—voila!—tinted moisturizer. Goodbye, three- or four- product ritual; hello, make-up simplicity.

For the “less clothes” part of the mantra, LUSH also has a new self-tanner, Charlotte Island Body Tint, because let’s face it: everyone looks better with a bit of (fake!) color.  And, with lemons and papayas in the tint, I’m hoping to look and smell…well, LUSH-ious. (posted by “luscious” SnapGlow Team Member Chelsea)


LUSH Cosmetics

1428 Walnut St.

(215) 546-5874