Here we go again.

Buzz Bissinger doubled down on his belief, which he revealed in a cover story for Philadelphia Magazine, that Nick Foles is not a Super Bowl-caliber quarterback when he went on the 94WIP Morning Show on Monday.

Bissinger also believes Eagles fans owe him an apology because he "got negative feedback from everyone" and now feels "vindicated."

In case you missed it, Foles denied Bissinger an interview in June for the story. Bissinger proceeded to write the story anyway, calling Foles "chickenshit," while questioning Foles' demeanor, ability and character.

Currently, Foles has struggled in the first five weeks of the season, but has helped lead the Eagles to a 4-1 record, tied for the NFL's best with the Dallas Cowboys and the San Diego Chargers.

Here are the highlights. Take it away, Buzz:

- "[Foles] has got a timid personality, and anyone who think that does not spill over into how you play the game is ridiculous…when [Riley] Cooper drops that pass early in the game, a quarterback should get in his face and say, "You know, you have to make those plays!" and not be milquetoast about it. He will not do that."

- [Foles] is a nice kid. He does have physical toughness. But if we think we are seeing a Super Bowl-caliber quarterbacks, we're out of our minds…you know the NFL is inconsistent, but do you really think it's going get better with the way he's playing."

- "I got pride. Now? You think I want to interview him now? I would rather interview the Eagle mascot. Forget it. You know, the guy had his chance and he blew it. He had his chance to be interviewed by one of the greatest journalists of the country."

- "[Foles] is a chicken. He has a very timid, non-aggessive personality."

- "In all seriousness, when are any of these reporters who have excoriated me going to man up and say, "I think [Bissinger] may have been right. He seized upon something about Nick Foles that is a fatal flaw."? because personality reflects character reflects how you play. And anyone who doesn't think that is an idiot."

What say you, Eagles fans? Does Bissinger deserve an apology? Should Bissinger get over himself? Discuss.