The landscape of the NFC East has begun to take shape, and... SURPRISE! The Dallas Cowboys have the best record in the NFL, at 6-1.

I know I certainly didn't see that coming. The Eagles are a half game behind at 5-1, as they haven't played their seventh game yet. The Giants are in a big hole at 3-4 with two losses in the division, but since they've shown resiliency in the past, it's probably juuuuust a tad too early to call the division a two-horse race at this point.

The one team that is extremely unlikely to produce anything more than a tiny blip on the radar screen from here on out is the Redskins, who are 2-5, including an 0-2 record in the division and an 0-4 record in the NFC. Even if the Redskins can muster some kind of unlikely winning streak, they probably won't win any tie-breakers, seeing as both of their wins are against AFC teams. So we'll skip looking at their schedule the rest of the way.

Here are the schedules for the remainder of the season for the Eagles, Cowboys, and Giants:


• The Eagles' remaining opponents have a combined winning percentage of 0.576.

• The Eagles have already played four of their home games, and have taken advantage, going 4-0. Three of their next four games are on the road, but at least the next two back-to-back road games are coming after the bye.

• Including the Eagles, there are only five teams in the NFL with unblemished home records. The Cardinals and Packers are two of the other four. The Eagles will play both of those teams on the road.

• Toughest remaining game may be in Green Bay, where Aaron Rodgers is on fire.

• The toughest part of the schedule remaining, clearly, is the three game stretch against Cowboys, Seahawks, and then Cowboys again.


• The Cowboys' remaining opponents have a combined winning percentage of 0.517. Take away the two games against the Eagles, and their remaining schedule has a combined winning percentage of just 0.438.

• The Cowboys still have their bye week to look forward to, and Week 11 is an ideal part of the season to get it.

• The Cowboys' next two games are at home. After those two games are complete, they will have played six of their eight home games. Five of their last seven games are on the road.

• One of the Cowboys' road games is in Chicago, where the Bears are 0-3 this season.

• Toughest remaining game could be a toss up between the Eagles on the road Week 15, or the Colts at home Week 16. Obviously, that two-game stretch will be difficult.


• Excuse my vernacular, but the Giants have looked like pure unadulterated crap the last two weeks. They head into their bye at a low point, and will have to face the Colts, Seahawks, 49ers and Cowboys upon their return. Yikes. Let's just hold off analyzing their schedule until they show they haven't just packed it in.

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