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Chip: More experienced Foles facing Dallas

Chip Kelly said Nick Foles' "confidence is a byproduct of his experience," which has increased greatly since Foles' confused performance against Dallas Oct. 20.

Chip Kelly wasn't eager to rehash the Eagles' first game against the Cowboys this season, when Kelly met with reporters Monday afternoon, kicking off the week leading up to the showdown in Dallas that will decide the NFC East title.

But Kelly was willing to indicate that quarterback Nick Foles is in a different place than he was Oct. 20, with seven more starts under his belt.

"I think his confidence is a byproduct of his experience," Kelly said of Foles, whose 118.8 passer rating leads the NFL. Foles played his worst NFL game in that 17-3 loss to the Cowboys.

"The more looks he sees -- Nick is a very quick study ... We need to make mistakes. You have to be able to learn from your mistakes. I think that's one thing Nick does a really, really good job of ... He's very critical of himself in a really constructive way."

Kelly said Foles' focus on getting better, thinking critically about himself is one of those "little teeny details that I think separate you from being good and going great. He's willing to work at that."

This might be the first time Kelly has used the "g" word in reference to Foles, who has thrown 25 touchdown passes and only two interceptions in nine starts.

Kelly didn't have an update on Earl Wolff's knee tweak. Asked when he came up with the "We're from Philadelphia and we fight" line, Kelly said it popped into his head at halftime, when sideline reporter Michele Tafoya asked him about resting his starters in the second half.