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Chip: was only told Peters couldn't go, would never question toughness

Eagles coach Chip Kelly said Monday that when Jason Peters left Saturday night's loss to Washington, Kelly was told only that "Jason couldn't go," and wasn't given specifics.

Kelly said Peters has dealt with injuries all season and has "played through a lot" during Kelly's three years as coach. "I will never question his toughness," Kelly said.

Peters, the Eagles' eight-time Pro Bowl left tackle, hyperextended an elbow early in the game, missed a few snaps, and went back in. A team source said Sunday that Peters later took himself out, saying only that he didn't want to get hurt playing for a team that wasn't going to make the playoffs. The Eagles were eliminated from playoff contention by their 38-24 loss, which clinched the NFC East for Washington.

"I don't think people realize what he's gone through to get out on the field," said Kelly, who also was asked why it would be OK for one player to remove himself from a game others were obligated to play, banged up or not.

"To look at one guy's injuries compared to another guy's injuries isn't fair to anybody," Kelly said.

Kelly also said he did not think the Eagles were a bad team, despite their 6-9 record. He said he'd known before Saturday that quarterback Sam Bradford liked it here, and Kelly reiterated that he would not have traded for one year of Bradford, who can become a free agent this offseason if the Eagles don't sign or franchise him. Bradford made it clear Saturday night that he would like to return, something the QB didn't do when asked about his situation a little more than a week earlier.

With another game left to play, however meaningless, at the Giants Sunday, Kelly wasn't delving into any of the reasons for the Eagles' demise.

"We're disappointed as a group that we didn't reach our goal, which was to make the playoffs," Kelly said.