UPDATE: The original version of the Washington Post story cited below stated that Camden mayor Dana Redd is an Eagles fan, and that a remark from her prompted Gov. Christie's retort about the Eagles' fight song. After I wrote here that Redd is in fact a Cowboys fan, the Post updated its story to note that the Eagles fan present was an aide to Redd named Novella Hinson.

As they've corrected their record, I've changed this post to reflect the new information. The quote from Christie still stands, though, as does his Cowboys fandom.

It's not news to anyone out there that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is one of the Garden State's biggest Cowboys fans, and also one of its biggest Eagles-haters.

(We might not be able to rank Christie at the top of the latter category in light of recent events, but he's certainly way up there.)

Christie was at it again in recent days. The Washington Post published its latest profile of Christie on Wednesday afternoon, and it included an anecdote captured during his visit to Camden High's football game last Friday:

Camden Mayor Dana Redd teased Christie about his unusual affinity - at least in the Northeast region - for the Dallas Cowboys. Her aide, Novella Hinson, plugged the local favorite, the Philadelphia Eagles. 

Christie scowled, draped his right arm around Hinson's shoulder and deadpanned, "I'd rather have my teeth drilled than listen to that awful song, 'Fly, Eagles Fly.' "

That got the attention not just of the politics fans in our newsroom, but the sports fans as well. As I said above, it's no secret that Christie is a Cowboys fan, but asking for dental work is... well, at least I'd say it's a little bit more painful than having to suffer your football team losing.

Whatever response Redd gave wasn't quoted in the story That's probably a good thing for her, because she's also a big Cowboys fan. I'm told by the Inquirer's Julia Terruso, who covers Camden, that Redd makes no secret of it, and has often chatted about Tony Romo and company with Christie.

Terruso also noted that Redd's silver-and-blue streak got the attention of former Eagles star Jeremiah Trotter on Wednesday when the two appeared at the ceremonial opening of the new PriceRite supermarket in Camden.

Word is Trotter engaged in a bit of trash talk wih Redd before the ceremony.

I wonder if Redd will be invited to the governor's mansion when the Eagles visit the Cowboys on Thanksgiving night. It might not be the worst idea for them to get out of the way of the electorate for a few hours.